Use this page to list your favorite BYOT-friendly websites (for BYOT-friendly apps please use the apps page here). Sites must be compatible with mobile platforms (e,g, iPhone/iPad, Android, etc...) in addition to laptop and desktop computers. Please include as much of the following information as possible:

Site name
Link to site
Category (academic subject area or use)
Short Description of how to use the site (feel free to include external links to reviews or blog entries)
Platform compatibility
Known incompatibilities (i.e. works with Safari for iPad but not iPhone)
Cost (in US $)
Any other useful info

Site Name
Link to site
Short description of site and its use
Known bugs or incompatibilities
Cost (US$)
Google Docs
Web-based Word Processing and collaboration
Web-based Word Processing and collaboration
Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android
Although Google Docs mostly works with iPhone and iPad, the features are limited compared to desktop and Android version
FREE for educational and personal use

Common Sense Media
Digital Literacy and Citizenship
Curriculum to help teach digital citizenship and appropriate use
Cross platform

free with registration to access full resources